What We Do

In the last six months MultikidsAfrica has trained over 300 teachers across Greater Accra, Pram Pram and the Volta region. They learn strategies for teaching in an inclusive classroom, how to include all children with varying needs through effective intervention, differentiation and understanding of SEND and SpLD.

Organisations that we have done training for include the Varkey Foundation and Kinder Paradise School, Springforth International

How We Do It

Bespoke inclusive training to schools and organisations across West Africa for teachers, school leaders and education policy advisors. 

Intensive 1 day inclusion courses for teachers in our training centre in Accra.

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What We Do

Multikids Africa has developed an international pediatric multiple disciplinary team to support teaching and learning in the inclusive classroom and deliver training and assessments to schools and families in collaboration with Multikids Inclusive Academy

Over the past year we have trained 250 teachers across Ghana on how to gain greater knowledge about children and their different special needs.

We are a Partner for the National Conference on Cerebral Palsy, led by  SWEB Foundation and funded by Cerebral Palsy Africa and Liliane Foundation.

SEND: Special Educational Needs & Disability

How We Do It

Weekly specialist assessments for children with SEND, for Ghanaian and other West African nations. Assessments include Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy. 

Bespoke training both for individual teachers and school staff teams about  the different special needs that a child may have. Also strategies for the classroom on how to give an equal chance to that child to learn. 

Keynotes and presentations at Conferences worldwide on SEND and the inclusive classroom

Opportunities for specialist education training professionals to lead workshops in Ghana. contact the team

Opportunities for research students are welcomed. get in touch


…Breaking News…

Multikids Africa is the implementing partner for Cerebral Palsy Africa’s 2019 international programme ‘Enabling Education for Children with Cerebral Palsy’.

The programme will train 21 special school teachers from Ghanaian state special schools and inclusive units, up-skill 2 Ghanaian specialist physiotherapists and collaborate with University of Education Winneba to write a module for under-graduate teachers.

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What We Do

Our training with therapists is wide ranging, including getting to know cerebral palsy and dysphagia *(PT & SLT), positioning (PT and OT); making devices out of appropriated paper technology (APT) (OT, PT); sensory integration (OT); behaviour management and ABA (behaviour technicians); picture exchange communication system (PECS) (SLT)

*PT - physiotherapy OT - occupational therapy SLT - speech and language therapy ABA - applied behaviour analysis

In the last year alone, we have worked with, and trained over 60 therapists across Greater Accra, Volta Regions, Western Region.

How We Do It

Bespoke in-service training to therapists, clinical placements to undergraduates, supervision to newly qualified therapists;  

Train teachers to embed therapeutic practices into the classroom; 

Specialist training about different Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); 

Half day/day workshops delivered by therapists for teachers and/or  therapists for therapists;  

Bespoke skype training;  

Practical hands on supervision in a clinical setting for therapists;

Clinical placements for undergraduate speech and language, and occupational therapists

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What We Do

One of our ongoing projects, which we are passionate about, is running weekly music sessions in the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Children’s Ward and in Castle Road Special School. Sessions are kindly funded by Steven Feld, Senior Scholar, School for Advanced Research, New Mexico; Multikids Africa; MusicXChange.  We run monthly specialist teaching sessions in the Children’s Ward.

A weekly community clinic at Multikids offers free therapy and care-giver training to mothers and their children who have cerebral palsy. Counselors and dieticians are also available.  The clinic is funded by Multikids Inclusive Academy and was founded in collaboration with the Special Mothers Project

We run clinics to measure and fit children with refurbished assistive devices by Physionet UK. In collaboration with the Special Mothers Project, Multikids Africa has facilitated the measuring and fitting of assistive furniture and devices for children with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities. 

We mobilise training for care-givers on how to make assistive devices using appropriated paper technology. The training has extended into a workshop where we can make assistive devices for children who need support to sit or stand. This work is funded by Cerebral Palsy Africa; Wings of Support.  

We support Harmony Disability Centre, inside Buduburum ex-refugee Camp. 36 children living with disabilities desperately need help in order to progress in life.  With a grant from North American Women’s Association (NAWA) we are helping to furbish the children’s centre into a therapeutic space and provide care-giver training.  

How We Do It

We have set up Butterfly House, a project that addresses the urgent need to build a sanctuary for children who have been abandoned because of their special needs. Working hand in hand with Government of Ghana, this is a pioneering project in the field of  de-institutionalisation of mental health care and disability needs care. Butterfly Trust is founded by Multikids Africa, with founding partners - Databank Foundation and O Africa. 

We appeal to all specialist teachers,  therapists, social workers, community based rehabilitation workers to get involved and help us to develop the work of children who are at risk of marginalisation under- nourishment, death. Help us to reduce the risk of abandonment by mothers and care-givers who are under pressure financially and emotionally. 

We appeal to all marketing strategists and fundraisers to get involved by helping us to build a sanctuary for children who are abandoned because of their disabilities and special needs. For more information go to: